Michael Lee Clausen Antiques and Art Appraiser Edmonton Alberta Canada.

CPPAG: Canadian Personal Property
              Appraisers Group

Michael Lee Clausen CPPA
Canadian Personal Properties Appraiser

Antiques & Art Specialist
EDMONTON AB Alberta Canada

or 1780-307-8478 we live just outside Edmonton

Down to earth (meaningful) FMV fair market values provided. I like to be as accurate as possible. With 40 years experience i have a view of the who why and where - for the true value of things. It's the when that is difficult, trends change quickly, and are unpredictable. However I am confident in the values i present.

Estate - Downsizing - Insurance - Probate - Curiosity

CPPA Canadian Personal Properties Appraisers Group

Accredited Member www.cppag.com January 2008

30 years experience buy sell trade antiques & art

Sharp sense for authenticity of important items

Developed eye for key and valuable items

Qualified generalist with wide knowledge base

CPPAG: Canadian Personal Property
              Appraisers Group